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Grand Chapter  Order of the Eastern Star of Virginia, P.H.A

          Grand Chapter Motto: "   An organization based on the Bible, that works together to enhance the growth of the Community" 


Grand Worthy Matron, Gracie H. Drake                         GWMDRAKE@YAHOO.COM

Grand Worthy Patron, Robert Chadwick,Sr.                 CHAD2326@VERIZON.NET

Grand Associate Matron, Robin Brown                        SMOCHZ@HOTMAIL.COM

Grand Associate Patron, Clarence Williams                 CLARENCE.E.WILLIAMS@GMAIL.COM

rand Secretary, Erma A. Harris                                      GRANDCHAPTERSECRETARY@AOL.COM

Grand Treasurer, Gloria  J. Brown                                GBROWN608@VERIZON.NET

Grand Conductress,    Ivery Knight                               CHATANDIV@VERIZON.NET                    

Grand Associate Conductress, G. Sylvia Jackson      SJ7373@VERIZON.NET

Grand Warder, Sandra Wilson                                      SWILSON821@COX.NET

rand Lecturer East, Synthia Wells                                BRWQT3@VERIZON.NET

Grand Lecturer West, Martha Rose                              MJSTAR@MINDSPRING.COM      

Grand Musician, Rev. Clarence Miller                          CDM6968@AOL.COM

Grand Chaplain,  Rev. Johnathan Franklin                 JOHNATHAN.FRANKLIN@GMAIL.COM



Jr. PGWM, Nettie Burrell-Warner                              BURRELL-WARNER@VERIZON.NET

PGWM, Cecelia  R. Irby                                              CECELIA.IRBY@COMCAST.NET

PGWP, Donnell Freeman                                            DFREEMAN46@GMAIL.COM

PGWP, Floyd Brown, Jr.                                             FLOYD.BROWNJR@COMCAST.NET

PM Vivian Chadwick                                                   CHAD2326@VERIZON.NET

*By virtue of office, GWM, GWP, GAM, GAP, Grand Secretary, Grand Treasurer



Gracie Leeper                                                             GRACIELEEPER@COMCAST.NET

Daedre Holland Dabney                                            AKAPEARL72@YAHOO.COM             

Wenona  C. B. Jefferson                                           WENONACBJ@AOL.COM

Marion H. Martin                                                         MARIONHM40@GMAIL.COM

* By virtue of office, GWM, GWP, GAM, GAP, Grand Secretary, Grand Treasurer